FastCap Fret Nippers - New and improved design

FastCap Fret Nippers Cutters Flush Cutting End Nips

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  • Fret Nippers**
  • FastCap Brand
  • Lifetime Warranty through FastCap (contact them for replacement)
  • Specially hardened steel cutter for long edge life
  • Spring loaded jaws
  • These will cut fret wire very close to the fretboard
  • Total length (closed) - 7 1/4" (190mm)
  • Jaw width - 11/16" (17mm)

FastCap Fret Nippers - new and improved version. The new design includes better-designed jaws for a closer cut of the fret ends with minimal of sanding needed. A longer handle and a compound mechanical hinge for increased cutting power at the jaws.

**You will not find any flush-cutting pliers(including these) that are impervious to wear when cutting stainless steel fretwire. Stainless steel fretwire is very hard.

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    Posted by william gerevas on Nov 26, 2018

    I only cut one fret with this which worked fine, but when I used it to detang the fret I chipped one of the ends and I can't detang with it anymore. I think it will still work for cutting the frets though, are these not supposed to be used for detanging?

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    Failed on first fret job

    Posted by tim on Jan 2, 2018

    Like another reviewer, these exploded - one jaw on snapped off halfway through my first fret job (evo gold fretwire).

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    Lasted 1/2 of one stainless fret before exploding

    Posted by Richard Kelly on Oct 11, 2017

    I installed the stainless steel jumbo frets and got out the brand new Fastcap fret nippers. FIrst, they would not cut through the stainless frets. When I applied more force, the jaw shattered--the one side of the jaw made a glancing bounce off my shoulder, and I still haven't found it. The fret was still not cut. These may work for soft metal frets, but are not useful for stainless frets. At a minimum, the description of this item should indicate that it should not be used for the harder fret materials. Will attempt to get my money back from Fastcap.
    **Admin - used these on lots of stainless fretwire without any problem. Contact FastCap for a replacement. All FastCap tools have a lifetime warranty through Fastcap - tel:1-888-443-3748 email -

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    Great price for this aspiring guitar tech

    Posted by Erik on Jun 27, 2017

    They've chomped over 96+ Jescar nickel silver fret ends and I can't see any stress fractures,chipping, or rolling of the cutting edges. These can get in so close to the fingerboard that I could probably get away with leaving the beveling file in the drawer (yeah, that's not gonna happen).

    Little tip, I've got large hands (according to glove size) so I have to overhang the end of the handles for good leverage. That's with Jescar's 18% nickel silver. Weaker 12% wire just folds itself over and snaps off in submission when I brandish the Fastcap!

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    Worked good for me on EVO wire

    Posted by Steve on Dec 27, 2016

    I've only used them for one fret job so far, so I cannot vouch for longevity yet. That said, the job I used them on was with Jescar's EVO gold wire, which is much harder than nickel-silver. They cut the ends very cleanly and there was no damage to the cutting edges when I was finished. Satisfied with them for now, for sure. Pretty good for what they cost.

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    Great tool, reasonable price.

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 13, 2016

    Very solid construction, rated as 4 stars cause I'll have to wait for longjevity?

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    Superb Results

    Posted by Edward on Nov 15, 2015

    I used this for the first time this week and at first I was thrilled at
    how much less end dressing I had to do to the fret ends. Makes life easier
    when you are doing a Les Paul with binding and need precise cuts to preserve the nibs. Saved me a ton of time.

    It does not leave the tradition large "V", but rather a smaller "V" so you can
    cut the fret much closer to speed up work. Saved about 3 minutes a fret to bevel them.

    I did a test cut on a Jescar Stainless Steel fret and it cut through with no problem. No marring of the tool and the same results as cutting NS frets.

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    Don't be fooled

    Posted by Joe on Sep 15, 2015

    Don't expect much for the low price. These are NOT good cutters. I cut two stainless steel fret wire ends and the cutting edges were instantly distorted (chipped). The construction is as inferior as other junk from China. Save your money and find a respectable set of fret cutters that won't get thrown away in the middle of a re-fret job.

    Hi Joe, Sorry to hear about your problem with the FastCap Fret Nipper you received. FastCap does have an unlimited lifetime guarantee on their tools. Please contact them for a replacement - 1-888-443-3748.