Jowoom T2 Smart Tuner - Automatic Guitar & Ukulele Tuner

Jowoom T2 Smart Tuner - Automatic Guitar & Ukulele Tuner

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  • Jowoom** (used to Vertech**) Smart Automatic Guitar Tuner - Patented
  • For Guitars and Ukuleles
  • Strong motor for tuning a guitar or for use during string changes
  • Audible beep to help identify when the string is in tune so you don't have to look at the display
  • Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery - charges with standard USB connection
  • Includes tuner, large peg adapter, and USB charging cable

The Jowoom T2 hand-held guitar tuner will quickly and easily tune each guitar string. It is very simple to use.

  1. Turn on the Smart Tuner by pressing the power button for 1 sec.
  2. Place the tuner on the tuning key to be tuned.
  3. Pluck the string
  4. The Smart Tuner will automatically tune the guitar string to pitch and make an audible beep when in tune.
  5. Go to the next is that easy!

The Smart Tuner is not designed to be used like the Roadie to quickly change to different alternate tunings. The unit must be in the displayed range of the string(note) before the tuner will automatically tune the string. Use the up/down keys to manual tune the string to the desired note and then let go to let the Smart Tuner automatic tuning of the string.

The strong motor and long battery life will allow you to use the Smart Tuner to make quick string changes. Use the up arrow key to wind the string. Pluck the string when you are getting close to see the current string pitch. Stop manual tuning when the desired string pitch is displayed to allow the unit to complete the tuning process for you.

The Smart Tuner will charge with any standard USB charging port.

**The Jowoom Smart Tuner is a version 2 of the original Vertech Smart Winder VW-1. New features include a faster and stronger winding motor (almost twice as fast), a semi-automatic tuning mode for use in string replacement (wider tuning range), ability to set custom tunings and larger tuning key adapter.