Notched Straight Edge for guitar neck setup - Gibson and Fender scale length

Notched Straight Edge for guitar neck setup - Gibson and Fender scale length

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  • Notched Straight Edge for Gibson, Martin and Fender
  • Dual Scale
  • Short scale for Gibson guitars with 24 ¾” fingerboard
  • Long scale for Fender guitars with 25 ½” fingerboard
  • 1/8” (2.8mm) thick Stainless Steel
  • 16 ½” (420mm) long
  • 1 7/16” (36.5mm) wide

A notched straight edge is a handy tool for evaluating the fingerboard straightness before fret leveling.  This straight edge is machined from stainless steel of years of dependable use.   We personally check each one for straightness before it leaves our shop.

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  • 5
    Excellent Product

    Posted by Tim Ward on Feb 1, 2022

    I love the weight on this, not too sharp to worry about using on expensive fretboards

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    Notched Straight Edge

    Posted by Brian on Jan 29, 2022

    Takes the guess work out of truss rod adjustments for a dum-dum like me. Cheaper than the equivalent Stew Mac product. No longer need to take my guitars to a pro tech or luthier for minor seasonal adjustments - just the big stuff. Got one for Gibson/Fender, and one for my Jaguar. Worth it for me.

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    Notched Straightedge

    Posted by Yehonatan Viernik on Jan 14, 2022

    Another product with excellent value.

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    A precision tool… and it is precise!

    Posted by A European Guy on Oct 3, 2021

    How to check a neck and set up a guitar? Is the neck twisted? Does it have some back-bow, or too much up-bow, or enough neck relief? Does it have some rising-up or some fall-away? No guitar player should do without a notched straight edge ruler. And it should be used before some levelling too.

    Now what about the different surfaces of PLT-S ruler?
    _ The notches have been broadly machined, hence some coarse surfaces. But these are of almost no importance: they never touch the fingerboard or the frets. So these surfaces are good enough for the use this tool is intended for.
    _ The surfaces of the butt ends are really fine. They will not cut the fingers or the hands.
    _ The long flat surfaces have been grinded with a grinding machine. It wasn’t necessary but this probably made it easy for the manufacturer. And this gives a nice feeling when holding this ruler.
    _ The surfaces in contact with the fingerboard are of the utmost importance. Here again they have been very finely grinded with a grinding machine (a surface grinder). That was needed and it has been done.

    On top of this, I have checked the straightness of this tool with a thick piece of glass. It is straight. So precision is here. This tool isn’t a cheap piece of metal scrap and I definitely recommend this ruler.

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    Also fits PRS (25") and Gretsch (24.6") scales.

    Posted by G. Tranter on Aug 19, 2021

    As the subject states - the Gibson short scale edge works with PRS and short-scale Gretsch guitars in addition to Fender and Gibson scale guitars.

    The ends (not the straight edges) are cut a bit roughly, but otherwise this is a good quality tool.

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    Notched straight edge

    Posted by Chris on Apr 8, 2021

    The quality is great and the price is fair. And most importantly it's straight. I'm very satisfied with it.

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    Works perfectly

    Posted by Nishad Waghmare on Mar 29, 2021

    As I get more and more involved with setting up and modifying my own guitars, I come to PLS for all my purchases if possible. This is a high quality piece that is priced much more competitively than ~other~ retailers *cough*stewmac*cough*.

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    Gibson/Fender notched straightedge

    Posted by MM on Jan 23, 2021

    Honestly, you will likely not find a better notched straightedge for the price! It's flat on both sides, thick enough to resist bending, smooth, and it is an incredible price. They are so well-made for $30 USD, that I have purchased multiple for travel and different parts of my shop.

    ANOTHER BONUS: Although not mentioned, you can use this notched straightedge on PRS-style/25" scale lengths as well. Although a little tight, this works on one side up until the fretwire size is super jumbo (0.115" width of the crown.) This is when I would advise against using it as it may scratch your fretwire from the tight fit. Nonetheless, great job, Philly!

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    Notched Straight Edge

    Posted by John H. on Jan 20, 2021

    Takes any guess work out of ensuring the neck is straight. I don't have the eye to sight a neck so this tool enabled me to full adjust and set up my own guitars. Incredible and valuable tool. It makes a difference.