GOTOH GE101A - Metric Aluminum Tailpiece - Black

GOTOH GE101A Aluminum Tailpiece w/ Metric studs for import guitars Black

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7.30 Ounces
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  • GOTOH GE101A-B
  • Brand New and in original GOTOH packaging
  • Lightweight... about 1oz.
  • Black finish
  • See pictures for dimensional drawing of the item
  • Includes mounting studs(M8 x 1.25 metric) and bushing

The aluminum tailpieces weigh 1/4 that of the zinc and produce a much different sound. They transfer vibrations differently,  resulting in a woodier, more airy vintage tone -  richer, rounder mids but with more upper harmonics as well.  Back in the '50s, Gibson used aluminum for their stop bar tailpieces. For whatever reason, they switched to zinc, which is still used today on all but the historic line.